Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Convert a higher percentage of your website visitors into leads  with conversion rate optimisation (CRO)


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Key features of CRO implementation with Digileads

We use Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to optimise your website so that potential customers or leads will either make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter or book a demo. The call to action used is specifically aligned to your business objectives. The whole CRO process enhances your business’s value offering with the aim of increasing conversions.

Identify areas of improvement for your website

We deep dive into your website and identify areas of improvement that will enhance your conversion rates. This involves examining and removing areas of friction that could be restricting the purchasing process or making your website easier for customers to navigate

Gain insight into visitor behaviour

We look at Google Analytics for insight into your visitor’s behaviour, what pages they are visiting, how much time customers are spending on the website, if there are patterns in relation to your call to actions. We then use this information to implement a CRO strategy that creates results and conversions.

Test and analyse audience engagement for better conversions

Our team takes the guesswork out of CRO by testing and analysing your audience engagement to ensure the best possible CRO implementation and increased conversions.

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