Lead magnet design

Add value to your website visitors with informative and relevant lead magnets that turn anonymous visitors into known leads.

Lead magnet design

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Key features of lead magnets with Digileads

Lead magnets add value to your potential customers by providing relevant and informative information that talks to their needs, pain points and wants. They help you build customer relationships and are an effective tool used to create quality sales leads.

Educational solution to your targeted audience’s pain points

We develop lead magnets that talk to your customers' pain points while educating them on how your products or services provide a solution to these. This is often in the form of whitepapers, use cases, newsletter and the offering of free demos or consultations.

Drive conversion on a Unique Selling Point

Lead magnets allow us to showcase your businesses unique selling points and provide potential customers with relevant information needed to drive conversions.

Further position potential customers to purchase

We create lead magnets that add value to your potential customers and point out their need for your product or service. This provides all the information needed to make purchasing decisions and guides customers through this process.

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Optimise customer value

We use lead magnets to build relationships and continue the communication with potential customers once they are no longer on your website. They are additional touchpoints that not only add value to your customer but keep you top of mind.

Grow Your Email List

We use email as a base to gather potential customers information and build up a robust database of leads. This is all facilitated through touchpoints on your website and digital platforms.

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