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Re-engage with customers long after they have left your website, keeping your business top of mind and brining them back through the sales funnel.

email marketing

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Key features of email marketing with Digileads

Email marketing has become a valuable tool used to build personal relationships with potential customers, this is primarily because email is accessible and less invasive than a traditional phone call. Email marketing also allows you to share specific, relevant and valuable information about your business directly with your leads.

Build and maintain an email list of targeted audiences

Our email marketing strategies aim to help you build and maintain databases of quality leads that you can target and connect with.

Promptly deliver relevant messages to the right audience

We develop email marketing campaigns around specific themes and topics that resonate with your target audience.

Implement cost effective campaigns

Our email marketing strategies are incredibly cost-effective and perform well for clients looking to interact and build relationships with their target audience

Integrate with other supporting communication tools - a holistic communication approach

We implement a holistic communication approach. This means that all marketing activities are supported and aligned ensuring that the same message is delivered across all platforms seamlessly and effortlessly.

Re-engage leads

We use email marketing to connect with potential customers long after they have left your website. This helps you to continuously re-engage your leads and keep your business top of mind.

Uplift your sales

By providing your leads with consistent communication relating to different topics, products and services you are educating them and providing them with the information needed to make purchasing decisions. This information and communication can be the deciding factor between a sale and no sale.

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