Lead scoring

Automatically identify sales qualified leads through pre-determined criteria that gives leads points.

Lead Scoring

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Key features of lead scoring with Digileads

Save on time and money by using lead scoring to identify leads with the most buying and purchasing potential. This allows your sales team to effectively target the right leads and generate conversions, without wasting valuable time.

Contact management

We create a customised scoring system, using a specific set of criteria, for your business, that filters your contacts and leads to identify leads that should be prioritised. This provides you with more insight into your audience base and allows you to manage these contacts and leads effortlessly.

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Prioritise higher quality leads

Our expert team helps you identify quality sales ready leads using the scoring criteria, this allows your sales team to prioritise their follow-ups and provides them with more direction and an excellent starting point.

Align marketing and sales objectives

We understand that marketing plays a vital role in the sales funnel and we align all our activities to your businesses sales objectives, to ensure that we get results and conversions.

Identify and nurture Marketing Qualified Leads

All of our digital marketing strategies and activities aim to help generate, identify and nurture quality leads. This process is fine-tuned using lead scoring tools to assist in providing your sales team with the information needed to effectively sell your services or products to interested customers.

Identify Sales Qualified Leads

Increased sales productivity

We use lead scoring to save your sales team on effort and time, by providing them with a list of qualified leads that fit all the criteria of your ideal target audience. This improves productivity and ensures that no sales time is wasted.

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