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Data analysis and reporting are critical to determining your success and adjusting strategies to achieve the best results possible

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Key Features of Data Analysis and Reporting with Digileads

A digital sales and marketing strategy needs to show results and return on investment. One of the ways we do this is through our data analysis and reporting service, which provides us and you with critical insight into what is working and what is not. From this insight, we can check and adjust activities to ensure that we are hitting the mark every single time, driving success and sales for your business.

Optimise Google analytics to track and monitor key metrics

We use Google Analytics to identify actionable insights that can be implemented to optimise and improve your digital performance. We don't rely on the standard Google Analytic setups that most agencies use. We utilise advanced setups and data integrations that put your analytics on steroids and gives us deeper, actionable insights that result in improved campaign performance.

Valuable business insights

By using data analysis and reporting tools we gain valuable insight on your target audience, where they are online, their purchasing patterns, how many website clicks you are getting, where these are coming from and more. These insights provide us with the information needed to target your audience more effectively and optimise our campaigns.

Improve marketing and sales team collaboration

Reporting and data analysis provides us with information on where your customers are interacting with your business. This helps lead your marketing strategy and gives your sales team better insight into who prospective customers are and how to close them.

Identify future opportunities for your business

We are focused on the growth and success of our clients which requires us to critically look back on campaign data to identify what has worked and what can be improved. This insight is an excellent indicator of what opportunities we can take advantage of in future campaigns, driving you more wins more often.

Real-time data and advantages

We utilise advanced tracking technology and live dashboards to provide real-time data that allows us to evaluate and adjust campaigns proactively, giving your campaigns the edge over your competitors.

Monthly report meetings

With us, you are never left in the dark. Your strategic team will meet with you once a month to go over and explain all the data from your campaigns, so that you can understand exactly what's working and what's not. We provide you recommendations based off of this relevant information, facilitating informed decision making and improved ROI.

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