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crm implementation

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Key features of CRM implementation with Digileads

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) effectively helps you build on current and potential customer relationships. When implemented correctly, CRM can facilitate customer engagement, track leads and streamline sales processes which all impact customer experience.

Guarantee efficiency through automation

We utilise CRM software to streamline processes and interactions with customers and potential leads. This is done through automation and helps build relationships and enhance engagement with customers.

Create, track and analyse targeted campaigns

Through CRM software, we are able to create innovative campaigns that speak to your specific target audience and track how the campaign is performing. This provides us with the insight needed to enhance and optimise campaigns and results.

Improve communication

At the centre of building relationships with customers is communication. We utilise several advanced tools that connect into your CRM to facilitate this communication and keep your customers coming back.

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Develop, and maintain customer-business relationships

We use CRM to improve customer service and connect with your customers to develop and maintain customer relationships.

Analyse customer engagement

CRM provides us with insight into customer actions and behaviour, including where they are connecting with you and what they are saying. We then use this optimise your campaigns and get results.

Optimise sales opportunities

By building and managing customer relationships through CRM we can gain information on what customers are looking for, their customer experience and if there are other opportunities or avenues to enhance sales.

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