Inso Aluminium Case Study

How Inso Aluminium Achieved a 630% Increase in Monthly Quotes

Unparalleled Success in Luxury Home Sector: The Inso Aluminium and Digileads Partnership


increase in monthly traffic


increase in monthly quotes


increase in monthly leads

A New Benchmark in High-End Manufacturing

Inso Aluminium, a distinguished custom aluminium window and door manufacturer for luxury properties, had a straightforward challenge: to double their monthly quote requests from 10 to 20. Partnering with Digileads to reach their goals. And the result? They shattered their goals and set a new industry standard.

Before The Transformation

Despite its reputable standing in the luxury home market, Inso Aluminium was bogged down by the only generating 10 quotes per month. This created an opportunity for Digileads to employ our Digital Strategy Module, a comprehensive digital audit that assessed Inso Aluminium’s current marketing landscape and competitive positioning, to determine why the results were low and how to fix and improve the reuslts.

The Inbound Marketing Masterplan, Full Module Campaign

Digileads designed a full-spectrum inbound marketing approach, deploying all four of its specialised marketing modules:

  1. Strategy Module: Outlining the digital blueprint for success.
  2. Reach Module: Focusing on high-impact channels such as content marketing, social sharing, and SEO.
  3. Leads Module: Ensuring that website visitors transform into qualified leads.
  4. Sales Module: Converting those leads into business deals.

Strategic reallocation of resources was crucial. Investments were pulled from underperforming channels and funnelled into initiatives that promised the greatest impact.

The First 90 Days

The initial phase was powerful. A revamped website catering to user experience, combined with laser-focused content and SEO strategies, resulted in an 8.13% increase in website traffic. Moreover, monthly quotes blasted off to 80—a 800% increase, far surpassing the initial target of 20 quotes.

Sustained Growth

The success of the initial 90-day sprint wasn’t a flash in the pan. With continued focus on our Reach and Lead modules which included keyword-optimised blogs, aggressive SEO and CRO tactics, Digileads sustained month-over-month growth in website visitors, which in turn consistently boosted lead generation.

Two Years of Consistent Leadership: Unprecedented Achievements

Two years into the partnership, the statistics are jaw-dropping. Web traffic has soared by 390%, and the monthly quote generation has escalated to over 500—an incredible 630% increase on our own results. This has not just made Inso Aluminium an industry leader but has also necessitated workforce expansion and a new division to accommodate the exponential business growth.

From Market Presence to Market Dominance

The strategic partnership between Inso Aluminium and Digileads not only met but dramatically exceeded all set targets. Inso Aluminium’s impressive digital transformation serves as a compelling case study on how a well-planned and efficiently executed inbound marketing strategy can skyrocket a business to new heights.

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