500+ Quotes Per Month

We ran Inso through our full Inbound Marketing methodology, focusing on a strong SEO and conversion strategy that resulted in a massive 638% increase in quotes generated, each month!

Inso Aluminium: Success Story

Inso Aluminium needed to double the number of quotes they received each month from 10 to 20, but their current digital marketing efforts were not achieving these results, even though they were spending quite a bit on Google Ads each month.

We started with our Digital Strategy Module, which helped us identify the key issues with their current marketing efforts, who their ideal customer is and what needed to be reworked and optimised to achieve immediate results.

We were then able to stop wasted efforts on channels that did not provide any value and put those resources into content marketing, social sharing and SEO. We also rebuilt Inso’s website according to the needs and wants of their buyer persona, ensuring they found the information they were looking for and could easily be directed down the conversion journey’s downloading lead magnets and becoming leads.

The Initial Set of Results

In the first 90 days (July-Sep) of running Inso’s Inbound Campaign, we increased their website traffic by 8.13% and generated 240 quotes, which was a massive 770% increase in quotes generated each month.

We surpassed their initial goal of 20 quotes per month to an average of 80 quotes per month.

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Continued Efforts

We continued with their campaign after the initial sprint and continued to see improved results month on month. Through keyword optimised blogs and an aggressive SEO and CRO strategy, we were able to consistently increase Inso’s monthly website visitors which in turn increased the monthly leads generated.

Latest Results

After 2 years of working with us, Inso now generates over 5,000 users a month to their website and generates over 500 quotes each and every month!

That’s a massive 390% increase in traffic compared to our own campaign results and a hugely impressive  634% increase in leads generated, again compared to our own campaign results.


Inso has been able to increase their lead generation by a massive 643% which has effectively dominated the industry online. By utilising our proven methodologies Inso has been able to not only increase their bottom line, but have needed to employee additional staff and open up a new division due to the increase in business our strategies have created

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