Absolute Health Services Case Study

The Incredible Digital Transformation of Absolute Health Services

How Digileads helped Absolute Health Services generate 26k leads in a year


increase in monthly website traffic


increase in monthly generated leads


Absolute Health Services (AHS) faced a common but significant issue: their digital presence wasn’t effectively attracting their ideal customers. With an initial lead generation and traffic performance that were less than impressive, AHS needed a strategic overhaul to reach its full potential in the competitive healthcare market.

What We Did

Our journey began with an in-depth digital audit, through which we pinpointed AHS’s ideal buyer persona and crafted a strategy to target them. Recognising the importance of user experience, we revamped AHS’s website with a keen focus on usability and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). To bolster our efforts, we deployed aggressive SEO tactics, initially concentrating on low-hanging fruit keywords before taking on the more competitive terms. Content marketing was interwoven with our SEO approach, ensuring a consistent narrative across all platforms. To complement our organic efforts, paid campaigns were initiated, ensuring visibility for those crucial keywords, both organically and through paid mediums.

First 90-Day Results

The initial three months post-implementation painted a promising picture. Traffic to AHS’s website ballooned from 1,953 to 9,343 visitors, marking an impressive 378% increase. More importantly, leads saw an even more significant uptick, skyrocketing by 341% from 75 to 331. This period set the tone for the level of success AHS could anticipate moving forward.

The Amazing Growth | Results Thereafter

The growth didn’t plateau; it proliferated. In the span of four years and four months, monthly website traffic saw a nearly fivefold increase, up by 493%. Leads didn’t just grow; they exploded — AHS experienced a staggering 37-fold increase in monthly leads. By October 2023, we were not just meeting milestones; we were vastly exceeding them, with over 26,000 leads generated in a year. ActiveCampaign data reinforced this success, showcasing a growth from 13,259 contacts to an impressive 52,323.


AHS’s digital journey from relative obscurity to becoming a lead-generating powerhouse is nothing short of extraordinary. The tailored digital strategies implemented have not only fostered growth; they have rewritten what success looks like in the digital space for the healthcare industry. AHS’s remarkable growth trajectory is a testament to the power of a targeted, data-driven approach and serves as a beacon for others aiming to realise their digital potential.


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