Identify and target customers who want what you’re selling

We help you identify who your target market is, where they are online and what their purchasing patterns are so you can close more deals.

Developing Your Buyer Persona

Key Features of Buyer Persona Development with Digileads

You can’t sell a product or service without knowing who you need to target. By developing a tailored buyer persona, we provide you with in-depth knowledge of your ideal customer base, where to find them and what they are looking for in terms of products and service offerings. This is the starting point for all successful marketing and sales strategies.

Define your ideal customer

To target customers effectively, you need to know who they are and answer their pain points and needs. We will help you define who your ideal customer is by utilising data and demographic information curated from Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Insights, Google Analytics, and your existing experience and customer base.

Know where to find your customers online

Be in the right place at the right time by identifying where your buyer persona’s are online, what platforms they are using and what their purchasing patterns are. This knowledge gives you unprecedented power to increase your business’ reach and sales.

Understand their pain points and solve them

Creating successful marketing and sales strategies involves getting into your customers head, understanding what their pain points are and creating a targeted approach to solve these issues so that they then align with and trust your brand. A buyer persona does just this and gives your business the edge.

Build specialised, targeted campaigns

No business or customer base is the same, which is why you cannot rely on the same cookie cutter strategy or approach that most agencies utilise. We tailor your marketing strategies around your buyer persona’s to achieve your business needs and goals 10 fold.

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